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Wheel 'O Yum Adopts Nucleuz DLP Rules
Customer information better protected from e-mail

Wheel 'O Yum Search for Restaurants
Wheel 'O Yum now provides restaurants from Google Local Search

Wheel 'O Yum Update
Communications fixed in Wheel 'O Yum administration App

Wheel 'O Yum 3.6.7 Released
Communication bug fixed

Wheel 'O Yum 3.6.6 Released
Wheel 'O Yum 3.6.6 supports latest version of Java plugin


Hungry?  Can't decide where to eat?

The Wheel 'O Yum is the perfect tool to help you decide where to eat.

Welcome to the Wheel 'O Yum!

Hungry? Can't decide where to eat? Let the Wheel 'O Yum decide for you!

The Wheel 'O Yum constructs a wheel containing all your favorite restaurants. When ready, someone spins the wheel to choose a random destination. You can add any number of restaurants and invite all your friends.

All your friends can join the wheel and participate in the fun!
Everyone can vote for their favorite restaurants and chat while awaiting the outcome to that ever-popular question: Where are we going for lunch today?

Deciding where to eat lunch will never be dull again!

How Does It Work?
Why do I need the Wheel 'O Yum?

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