Wheel 'O Yum Search for Restaurants

Wheel 'O Yum now provides restaurants from Google Local Search

2012-01-30 10:15:18

WheelOYum.com now provides local search results from Google Local Search for users to populate their wheels with restaurants more easily. This feature simplifies the process of creating a Wheel 'O Yum, and reduces the time to populate the wheel with restaurants.

When users create a new Wheel 'O Yum, they are now presented with a page where they can search for their favorite restaurants and add them to their wheel with a single click. This new feature obtains the restaurant's name, location, and even web page URL automatically from Google Local Search to create the restaurant.

To use the new feature, login to your WheelOYum.com account and then create a new Wheel 'O Yum.

Users can still manually provide the details when adding restaurants for more advanced control.

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