Wheel 'O Yum Adopts Nucleuz DLP Rules

Customer information better protected from e-mail

2013-02-20 02:26:53

WheelOYum.com has adopted the advanced set of data leakage protection (DLP) rules and policies from Nucleuz.

Protecting customer data like Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is very important to us.

Nucleuz's Classification Definition rules have been found to be more effective and accurate than the default "out of box" rules and policies provided by Exchange 2013. These premium rules are able to detect a wide range of sensitive information with high accuracy.

Nucleuz's DLP Policies provide a great jump start in defining our DLP policy.

Together, the Premium Classification Definitions and DLP Policies are helping us to defend against accidental customer data leaks through Microsoft Exchange 2013 e-mail and Office 2013.

More information: Nucleuz.

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