Wheel 'O Yum Requirements

Web Browser

WheelOYum.com is designed to work with most modern web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
Certain portions of WheelOYum.com may utilize 128-bit SSL security. Most web browsers today support this.
In an effort to bring you the best web experience, WheelOYum.com suggests using a standards-based browser such as Firefox with support for CSS. Contact your web browser manufacturer for details regarding CSS and standards support.


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Refer to our privacy policy for more information on the information we collect and how we treat it.


WheelOYum.com uses Javascript to deliver a smooth and pleasant experience to all visitors. Please ensure Javascript is enabled while accessing WheelOYum.com.


The Wheel 'O Yum requires v 1.4 or later of Java.
Sun has a web site where you can verify Java is installed and setup properly.
If necessary, you can get Java for FREE.
WheelOYum.com has a page to verify your Java is compatible (unspecialized version).

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